Live With Purpose and Prosperity

Learn to tap into your
creative expression

and master skills necessary
for living your best life


No matter what stage you're at, now is the time to tap back in to your creative expression

and reach your full potential, personally and professionally.

Think It

You’ll learn the habits of meditating, journaling and doodling, which all enable you to switch on your intuition and get into a state of flow.

Make It

You’ll work through the Intuitive Triptych Formula, a strategy developed by Tarn to help you discover how to express your unique self.

Live It

You’ll share your work with our community and understand the power of satisfaction through making something unique to you.

Find your creative talents, make something daily and live your life, your way.

Join Dr Tarn McLean (PhD in Visual Arts) as she takes you through a step by step process to rediscovering your creative skills. You’ll learn the importance of living in line with your creative expression and through this, live fearlessly (literally!) and intuitively, which is essential for making best decisions and living with purpose and prosperity both professionally and personally.

You’ll dare yourself to make mistakes and become an integral player amongst a group of innovative thinkers and leaders. You’ll also be guided through weekly meet up sessions and continued support for up to 12 months, with optional lifelong membership and community support.

Download Our Free
Intuitive Triptych Formula
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Your Creative Why


Dr Tarn McLean is an artist and designer holding a Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Art from the University of Southern Queensland.

Her work departs from a highly disciplined practice embedded in early to mid 20th Century Geometric Abstract painting to the design of space and architecture, including wall painting and public art as well as textile, wallpaper and accessory design.

Tarn exhibits regularly and customises bespoke wallpapers and fabrics for private clients as well as commercial and residential interiors.

Her teaching philosophy "CREATIVE WHY' is informed by research into the creative processes connected to intuitive acts of making. Tarn guides people towards tapping into their creative skills, prioritising the creation process. "When we are able to tap into our creative mindsets, we become better leaders, problem solvers and decision makers". Tarn knows the act of making, regularly, results in positive outcomes, enabling people to live with confidence and reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.


Become your most unique self through the practice of creative expression.


Still your mind

and tap into

the now


Switch on your
intuition and get
into a state of flow


Discover the power
of imagination and
having fun


Problem solve, take
risks & make
something unique


Find satisfaction
living & sharing
your success

But I Can't Draw!

It's not about becoming an artist, you can learn how to do that on Youtube, (although we can and will give you skills to be one, if you wish). It's about daring to take the leap; facing your fear and getting rid of ego and going through the process of making something that's unique to you.
Identifying what your creative expression is, is harder than you think, but we're here to show you how and why it's so important.

What Does A Creative Life Look Like?

It's a way of approaching the every daily task of thinking, making and living. It requires zero ego, taking risks and living in the now. Every leader in the history of ever, used creativity to inspire and be inspired.
Whether you're a full time mum, have just left school or a CEO of a multi-national company, without thinking creatively and taking the time to make something for yourself, you wont reach your full potential.
With a creative mindset you'll make having fun a priority, and identify what you want and how to live life on your own terms.

Why Should I Find My Creative Why?

You’ll learn to connect with your intuition, letting it guide you towards making positive, life changing decisions.
You’ll find creative talents you didn’t know you had and be able to express them with confidence and success.
You’ll tap back into your creative brain and use your imagination to dream big and be bold, to set goals and achieve them like a boss.

What If I Find My Creative Why?

You'll think like leader and live like a boss.
Each module gives you guided skills for living creatively, but we won't let you go until you've set yourself extraordinary goals and in the habit of successfully achieving them!

How It Works


Go back to your inner child, re-connect with your curiosity and re-discover your sense of adventure.

Teaching someone 'how' to be creative is as important as understanding 'why'.
The outcome is different for everyone, but we promise you'll learn the skills to express yourself creatively.
Because we know it's the surest way to making yourself a priority and making the best work you can.
If you'd like to know more about this course, or interested in customising group sessions for teams or communities,
book a time with Tarn to discuss your questions.

Whether you're 18 or 80, now is the time to be all you were born to be.

Become present with the here and now – tap into peace and calm and listen to your intuition.

Make having fun a priority – discover your creative expression and master your skills.

Live the most confident, authentic version of yourself, personally and professionally.


Book a call with Tarn to discuss finding your creative why.

Have you taken the road of expectation rather than the road less travelled?

After years of doing what you’ve perceived as “the right thing to do”, are you experiencing the growing feelings of disconnection and unfulfillment as you wonder ‘what if?”

Stop devaluing your dreams and passions that make you come alive because you believe it will not pay the bills!

Learning the skill of Creative Thinking gives solutions to career paths you enjoy, not being stuck in an expected job you chose only to “pay the bills”.

And it gives you the confidence to put yourself and your needs first.


Enrol today and get started with Tarn.

Go through the modules at your own pace and

join Tarn each week for regular check ins.

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