Find Your Creative Why

Think it, Make it, Live it

In this five week course you’ll learn creative skills and the importance of using them daily to live your most authentic life. Dr Tarn McLean (PhD in Visual Arts) has created a step by step process towards rediscovering how to tap back into your creative skills. You’ll learn the importance of living in line with your creative expression and through this, live fearlessly (literally!) and intuitively, which is essential for making best decisions and living with purpose and prosperity. You will be guided with weekly meet up sessions and continued support for six months.


Tap into peace and calm and listen to your intuition.


Discover your creative expression and master your skills.


Live the most confident, authentic version of yourself.

Tapping into your creative expression allows you to live a life of calm and freedom. If you think it you can make it, when you make it you will live it.

Dr Tarn McLean


Find Your Creative Why is an online course and blog for discovering your full potential through Creative Expression

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